About Us

Bringing the expertise from the land of Gelato Italy, Gelatomio was incorporated in 2004 with the purpose of introducing the most authentic Gelato in Malaysia and throughout Asia. Upon receiving very encouraging responses from the local market, we have come to see that there is a huge potential for the “Italian way of icy sweet treat“ here in Malaysia as well as in all neighbouring countries. Back then, the Malaysia market has rarely heard about what gelato is all about.

In the last quarter of 2004, Gelatomio Production Sdn Bhd was incorporated to produce Gelato to be retailed in Gelatomio Parlour and at the same time, Gelatomio Sdn Bhd was incorporated for Gelatomio retail operation.

Started from only retailing, our Gelato is also available in many leading supermarkets and served in high numbers of five-stars hotels and fine dining restaurants since 2005.

Clients from both retail and corporate have contributed in the growth of our brand Gelatomio by showing tremendous supports and recognizing the high quality of our product. In order to express our gratitude to our valued customer, we will be committed in being consistent in delivering the best service and products.

At the end of 2010, expanded our line of production by adding a complete line to produce and pack Gelato in 100ml and 250ml cups and Pints of 473ml

Gelatomio - ISO 22000
Gelatomio - HACCP (Loc)

Gelatomio Group of Companies and GELATOMIO Brand

The group started as a small gelato parlor in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur in 2004. Back then, the Malaysian market has rarely heard what gelato is all about. GELATOMIO, which means my gelato in Italian, was born. In the last quarter of 2014, Gelatomio Production Sdn Bhd (GMP) was incorporated for producing all the gelato to be retail at Gelatomio lounge and kiosks, at the same time Gelatomio Sdn Bhd (GM) was incorporated to take charge of all the Gelatomio retail operation. In May 2015, a few of Gelato enthusiasts from Malaysia and Australia took over the company and modernized its production facility and further improves its quality culminating in the brand winning the Championship of Gelato World Tour in January 2016.

Today, Gelatomio’s brand is known for its high quality premium gelato, using freshest imported ingredients in a state of the art production facility. Gelatomio is not only available in its own outlets in many upmarket shopping malls; they are also available in many five stars fine dining restaurants, café, hotels, clubs and airlines. Gelatomio Production Sdn Bhd also produces customized flavors and OEM for corporate and government organization. Gelatomio products are HACCP, GMP and Jakim HALAL certified; and recently certified as an ISO 22000:2005 company by International Accredited TUV Nord of Germeny.

In January 2016, “Gelatomio” won the Gelato World Tour Championship in Rimini, Italy; beating contestants from Rome, Valencia, Dubai, Melbourne, Berlin, Chicago, Austin USA, Singapore and Tokyo. It was the 1st time an Asian company won the world renowned Championship.