Our Production

Located strategically in Klang Valley for effective logistic support to all point of sales for both Gelatomio outlets & corporate clients. We have our own cold freezer truck to ensure sound & timely deliveries to all our networks. We also have two production lines, one for traditional production and one for pre-packed gelato.

To ensure freshness of our gelato, production is conducted on daily basis. We are currently producing 15,000 litres per month; which is capable of supporting a wide network. We have a team of trained and dedicated production crew. We are certified HACCP which ensures that sure the food produced by us is safe to eat.

Enjoy your birthday, party, wedding office gathering other function with us.

We have a variety of product with many different sizes and flavours for you to choose for your special occasion.

We have a variety of flavors to choose from our gelato product such as:





Green Tea

Double Chocolate

Cookies Cream

Chocolate Hazelnut


Black Sesame

The Difference Between Gelato & American Ice Cream

What is gelato

  • Gelato is made from whole milk
  • Contain less butterfat and more healthier then ice-cream
  • Churned at a much slower rate, made in smaller batches and incorporating less air
  • Resulting in a denser product with more intense flavours
  • Product freshly every day with more natural ingredients and flavours that make the gelato creamier and colorful
  • Gelato are stored and served at higher temperature and served creamy

What is ice cream

  • Ice cream is made from dairy-milk, sugar, egg yolks and cream, in other word they are custard base
  • More butterfat then gelato, content of 10% of greater
  • Upwards of 50% air after it is churned and frozen
  • Resulting its texture more icy and fluffy
  • Ice cream is made in large industrial batches, uses ingredients designed for lengthy storage, has limited flavours
  • Ice cream are stored at lower temperature and served frozen